About Simpleplanning

Simpleplanning's Simple Beginnings

Back in February of 2004, Mark Holahan was browsing the web looking for some Excel templates that would help him better organize his personal finances. Mark wanted something functional (like what he saw in expensive personal finance software), but with the familiar feel of an Excel spreadsheet. After searching far and wide, that the Excel templates out there weren't going to meet his needs. Later that month, Simpleplanning.com was born.

Almost 15 years later, Mark and his team of Excel experts continue to provide easy to use (but feature rich) Excel templates that look and act more like software. To date, we have helped over 300,000 folks take control of their finances.

Simpleplanning's Mission

At Simpleplanning.com, Mark and his team are dedicated to providing affordable software that helps spread financial awareness via our easy to use Excel planners. We believe that the managing your personal finances can be simple - with the right tools.

Keep it Simple

Keeping it Simple

At Simpleplanning.com, we try to keep things simple. We don't like large software programs that take to long to download and set up. We don't like online programs that ask for your personal bank account information so they can track all your money. Instead, we offer financial planners that are simple Excel spreadsheet downloads. They download in seconds and open is seconds - and they never ask for access to personal bank accounts.


Most of us prefer to keep our personal financial information to ourselves. At Simpleplanning, we don't like online programs that ask for your personal bank account information so they can track all the activity in and out of your credit cards, banking and investment accounts. Our programs do not rely on account linking in order to track your cash - we will never ask for your personal finance information.

To further protect your information, our planners also provide password protection functionality for added security. You can password protect your planner with the Workbook protection feature within Excel - only those with the password (that you create) can open your planner.

Why Excel Spreadsheets?

Over the past 25 years, Microsoft Excel has become the tool to use for all sorts of financial modeling. From households to Fortune 500 companies, Excel is still helping millions of people every day. That's why we feel it makes sense to build software that works and right in Excel - something that folks already know.


"I am so happy with Simpleplanning – first time an application for home budgets that is simple, yet elegant. Outstanding."
-Allen B. Packman

"Thanks for such a detailed tool! We are really excited about being able to see everything we're spending. Great job and thanks so much for the planner!"
-Christina Ferguson

"I can do basic Excel stuff but this is just what I was looking for - simple but comprehensive enough to do a proper budget."
-Andy Martin