- Complete Planner includes all 8 calculators & planners below.
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The Complete Planner suite includes:
Budget Planner
  1. Organize your monthly & annual spending
    (find out where all your money goes!)
  2. Track expenses monthly, identify poor spending habits immediately
  3. Compare actual income, expense and
    savings vs. budget
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Retirement Planner
  1. When can you retire?
  2. How will inflation affect your retirement plan?
  3. Are you saving enough today?
  4. How long will your retirement funds last?
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Net Worth Summary
  1. Track your net worth: Annually,
    Semiannually or Quarterly
  2. Customizable pie charts
  3. Quick links to Asset and Debt detail
  4. Simple, concise and straight forward
  5. Download free demo
Calendar Planner
  1. Create personalized calendars
    (color, font, etc.)
  2. Easy to use calendar event tool
  3. Event reminders open when Calendar
    Planner is started
  4. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly view of
    calendar and events
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Tax Calculator
  1. Estimate your income tax in seconds
  2. Determine whether you should itemize or take the standard deduction
  3. Organize your 1040 return in Excel format
  4. Check your math for errors
  5. Download free demo
Mortgage Calculator
  1. What will my monthly mortgage be?
  2. Can I afford this mortgage?
  3. How much house can I afford?
  4. Should I refinance?
  5. *Includes Loan Optimizer and
    Amortization Schedule
  6. Download free demo
Investment Calculator
  1. How much will my investments be worth
    in 15 years?
  2. When will my investments be worth $500,000?
  3. How much should I invest?
  4. Download free demo
401k Calculator
  1. How much will your investment be worth at retirement?
  2. Are you contributing enough today to meet your investment goals?
  3. When will your investment goals be met?
  4. Results and the 401k Savings graph updates instantly as you input assumptions.
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To uninstall our program simply locate the Excel file on your computer, select it and press delete. Since all of our programs are simply Microsoft Excel files, uninstalling is that easy.

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