Simple Accounting Software 2017

The Simple Alternative (to overly complex accounting software)

"I switched to this spreadsheet instead of Quickbooks because I wanted something that was small and effective without all the overhead. Thanks again!" – Mike Pfistner, Somerville, NJ

See a quick snapshot of current month/year financials.

Straight forward transaction entry. Custom entry fields.

Better understand revenue/ expense sources - make better business decisions.

Simple Accounting will create your Profit & Loss Statement for you (with custom fields).

Create invoices in seconds. Record income with a click.

Record Income and Expense Transactions with Ease

-Import transactions from your financial institutions
-Record income transactions when creating invoices
-Enter transactions directly into Income and Expense sheets

Custom Reports to Help You Analyze Your Business

-Top Revenue Sources by Customer/Product

-Top Revenue Sources by Category

-Expenses by Month

-Top Expenses by Customer/Product

-Top Expenses by Category

-Revenue & Profit by Month

-Profit & Loss Statement by Customer/Vendor

-Profit & Loss Statement by Category

Create Invoices and Record Income in Seconds :

-Record income transactions with a click when your invoice is complete
-Generate standalone invoice files in PDF or Excel file format
-Utilize your Customer List to automate invoice population
-Easily create custom invoices

Custom Reports Screenshots

Revenue & Profit Report Top Revenue Sources Report Top Expenses Report Expense by Month Report

$59 for Standard License - No Monthly Fees!

Some accounting software sites charge monthly fees from $10 to 40/month - that's $120 to $480 a year! Our software is available for a one time fee starting at $59 - we do not charge monthly fees.


Why Use Simple Accounting Software instead of other Accounting Software?

Skip the Big Name Software Hassle!

Most big name accounting software is far too cumbersome for today's small businesses. According to Rob Maurin of Wave Accounting Inc.

“The reality of traditional accounting software – and I think we can put companies like QuickBooks into that bracket – is that they do a solid job for people who already understand the way that kind of software is supposed to work, but they don't really solve the pain for the small business owners who don't have an accounting background…"

With Simple Accounting Software, you'll be recording transaction and reviewing report in minutes.


Use Simple Accounting Software Online or Offline

Many accounting software sites store your financial data online, so you can only access your data while you're online. With our Excel based software, you can use it whenever you like, online or offline.


Runs on MS Excel Spreadsheets

Because our Simple Accounting Software program is an Excel spreadsheet, there is no additional software to set up... just download the spreadsheet and go! Click here to download our Simple Accounting Software demo spreadsheet.


It's Simple!

A lot of companies say their small business accounting software is simple to use. At Simpleplanning, we guarantee it. If you're not completely satisfied


Mac Compatible

- Works with all versions of Excel for Macintosh
- No alternate Macintosh version or additional downloads necessary


Works on iPhone and iPad

Just download the Microsoft Excel App FREE, from Apple's App Store.

Try Simple Accounting Software for Free!

A word about Quickbooks...

"The average person cannot just install a traditional accounting application like QuickBooks and be off to the races. There's a huge gap between what people inherently know and what they need to know in order to use traditional tools effectively.”
-Rob Maurin, VP of Brand Engagement, Wave Accounting Inc.

What our Customers are Saying...

"I have been very impressed with the product, and have shown it to a number of colleagues. Your product certainly makes it easy to have an excellent front end to show information to colleagues, while still giving the flexibility to add additional worksheets to customize the product. Once again, thank you."
-David Gardner of C-Tech Innovation, Manchester, ENG

"Thank you so much! I am so satisfied. I will definitely refer your company to others that I know will need a great program to keep up with business and personal finances. Our company is a very strong supporter of your product. Thank you again!!"

-Lydia Washington of Ez Day Ta Recovery, Charlotte, NC

"Many thanks for your speedy response and all the help. I am going to recommend this to everyone looking for small business planners – so much easier than me having to make my own up."

-Samantha Curran of Ellaways Music, Underwood, Australia


Money Back Guarantee

If you're not satisfied please contact us within 30 days from your purchase at and we'll provide a full refund.

To Uninstall

To uninstall our program, simply locate the Excel file on your computer, select it and press delete.
Since all of our programs are simply Microsoft Excel files, uninstalling is that easy.