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Financial Calculator -
Financial Calculator -

Comprehensive: Unlike online net worth calculators (limited by load time, and web page constraints) our downloadable net worth calculator was developed with detail in mind.  The greater the detail, the higher the level of accuracy. Download the demo Net Worth Calculator and see for yourself.

Excel based: Our easy to use Net Worth spreadsheet requires only that you have MS Excel on your computer; there is no need for additional software.

Affordable: One time fee of $9.95 - compare to other financial planners.  Secure credit card payment (privacy policy)

Why Excel based Calculators?
Because our downloadable calculators are Excel based, there are no limitations to the level of detail and accuracy we can offer. Online financial calculators however, are limited by load time, and other web code constraints. As a result, their answers are often inaccurate and misleading; ultimately lulling users into a false sense of security.

Simple Planning:
Staying true to our name, is dedicated to spreading financial awareness and knowledge to the masses via our easy to use Excel spreadsheet calculators. With the right tools, financial planning can be simple.
Understanding your assets and your debt:
    This may be the first time you sit down and add up all your assets and debt (don't worry, you're not alone). At first you may be a bit put off by the net results, but in the long run you will be better for it. Why? Because you're financial awareness will force you to think twice before entering into your next financial obligation (e.g buying a new car, remodeling your kitchen, etc.) Download our free Net Worth Calculator Demo and see how $9.95 can go a long way toward financial awareness.
Simpleplanning Advice:

Download Free Net Worth Calculator Demo

Demo Calculator

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Net Worth Summary
Net Worth Summary Charts
Money Back Guarantee: If for some reason you are not pleased with our Net Worth Calculator, just let us know and we'll refund your money right away- we only want satisfied customers.
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How much are you worth?
Does your debt outway your assets?
Can you afford that new loan?

At, we develop comprehensive but easy to use Excel based financial planners that help users answer the tough questions.

Download our Excel based Net Worth Calculator demo or preview our planner by clicking on the images above.
Liability Detail Worksheet

Get a feel for our Excel based Net Worth spreadsheet: download our Net Worth Calculator demo

Don't put off building a solid financial statement:
Building a detailed personal financial statement can be a daunting task.  Adding up all your assets and liabilities (debt) can be time consuming and at times disheartening.  As a result, many shy away from spending the proper amount of time into a detailed plan and resort to the high level online net worth calculators; or even worse, they put the whole planning process off completely. Don't fall into that trap- start planning properly now, not tomorrow.

Download the demo version of our Excel spreadsheet calculator to see how building a comprehensive financial statement can be made easy (and fun!)

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Get a feel for our Excel based Net Worth spreadsheet: download our Net Worth Calculator demo.

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