· Excel services with a focus on design and usability
· Excel experts with business acumen (15+ years of experience)
· Competitive rates based on project scope ($75-$90/hour)
· Here is the type of work you can expect from our team:

 Budget Planner:
 Retirement Planner:
 Business Planner Finacial Dashboard:
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How much will it cost?

Our rate is $75-$90 per hour depending on the project scope and requirements. Larger projects are priced at lower rates.

Do you bill on a fixed fee or an hourly basis?

If your specifications are well documented, we can provide a fixed fee proposal for the project. Well defined projects allow us to accurately size the scope of the project and reduce your cost.

How many status updates can I expect?

We pride ourselves in keeping a steady line of communication with our clients. We generally provide updates once a week (or less if the project is smaller).

When will I be billed for the project?

We prefer to break up the charges into multiple payments - one small up front payment and the rest based on milestones. This provides our clients with ease of mind and allows us to manage our resources appropriately.


Feel free to request a quote (above) with your question or contact us at: services@simpleplanning.com