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"This is the best excel budget spreadsheet I've seen. I especially like the comparison between
what you've budgeted vs. what you've spent."
– Gail Johnson, Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Excel Budget Planner spreadsheets:

Create a monthly & full year
budget in 5 minutes!
View Quick Budget spreadsheet
Build a unique budget for each month.
View Budget by Month spreadsheet
Track your actual spending
on a monthly or daily basis.
View Tracking spreadsheet
Find out exactly where
you are over spending!
View Comparison spreadsheet

No Monthly Fees!

Buy our Excel Budget Planner spreadsheet for one payment of $15.95 and use it for as many years as you like!


Your Personal Information is Secure

Many budgeting software sites store your budget online. What if you'd rather not enter your personal financial information over the web? With our Excel budget spreadsheet, your personal information stays on your computer, not the web.


Powered by MS Excel Spreadsheets

Whether you have worked with Excel spreadsheets or not, you will appreciate what our Excel based Budget Planner can do. Because our Budget Planner is an Excel spreadsheet, there is no additional software to set up... just download the spreadsheet and go! Download our Excel Budget Spreadsheet demo now.


It's Simple!

Many excel spreadsheet sites say their budget spreadsheets are simple to use. At SimplePlanning, we guarantee it. If you're not completely satisfied with our Excel Budget Spreadsheet, we'll send you a full refund. View our Excel Budget Planner video (1 min)


Free Support

If you have any questions, or you need our help in any way, we're here to help. Just email us at support@simpleplanning.net



 Quick Budget or Budget by Month

Create a budget in just a few minutes with our Quick Budget worksheet, or build a unique budget for each month with our Budget by Month sheet.


 Track Spending on Monthly or Daily basis

Depending on how diligent you want to be with your spending, you can choose to track spending monthly or track spending daily.


 Spending Alerts

On the Budget Tracking sheet, you will be notified if your actual spending is over budget.


 Budget vs Actual Spending Comparison

The Budget Comparison sheet lets you know exactly where you've overspent or underspent.  For each line item in your budget, your actual spending is compared to your personal budget.

 Dynamic Charts Illustrate Spending Habits

Charts are provided on each sheet to help you quickly understand your budget and spot any trends in your spending habits


 Access your Excel Budget Spreadsheet from Anywhere

Want to access your planner from another computer?
Not a problem- purchase the Premium Package and store your Budget Planner online so you can access it from anywhere via our Premium Access service.


 Works with all versions of MS Excel

Our Budget Planner is compatible with Excel 97-2013
(Including Excel for Macs).


 Expanded versions free of charge

Pre-customized versions with additional rows and categories will be available to you as part of the standard download.

 Available in Dollars ($), Pound Sterling (£), Euros (€) and Rand (R)

Pre-customized versions with alternate currencies will also be available to you as part of the standard download.



1. You're budgeting for a reason — to save money- so make it count. Try to save at least 5% of your income each month.


2. Make a list of free things to do each month. A concert in the park, hiking on the weekend, volunteer time at a soup kitchen. Be creative.


3. Track your actual spending. Don't fall into the trap of setting up a detailed budget template and then forgetting to track against it. Track your spending daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, hourly, whatever- just make sure you're tracking what you actually spend!


More tips >>

To uninstall our program simply locate the Excel file on your computer, select it and press delete. Since all of our programs are simply Microsoft Excel files, uninstalling is that easy.

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"Thanks so much I've been looking for a family budget template that simple for ages, this is fantastic.."
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